Technology of Tomorrow


With the past CES conference in Las Vegas, technology is advancing at an exponential rate.  For those who follow the expo, many vendors showed off their best technology from tablets, computers, to smart phones.  Though, most tech exposed at the convention is to be release later this year, I want to elaborate on two tech advances that will ultimately change human living as we know it.  First off, are Google’s self-driving vehicles, and secondly advance voice recognition.  Could you imagine a world where cars drive themselves, and are virtually error proof?  A world where car accidents are non-existent, and best of all a world where a designated driver is something of the past!  As for voice recognition, this technology will be mandatory in all smart devices, from phones, laptops, tablets even your home will have voice recognition technology.

The Self Driving Car

A self-driving car is a technology that Google is currently pushing out in the market. At the moment, no self-driving cars are up for sale to the public and are still in an experimental state, though co-founder of Google, Sergery Brin expects to sell these cars to the public in the next five years. Google has over 10,000 case tests with self-driving vehicles, testing such vehicles in the San Francisco Bay area to New York City.  These cars are claimed by Google to be 100% error proof and far safer than a human driver. There have been a few instances where these vehicles were involved in accidents, but every time and I really mean every time it is always a car piloted by a human that causes the accident. The controversial aspect behind the self-driving car is determining who is liable if an accident does occur.  Is the corporation liable or possibly the driver? And furthermore, what should car owners do as a co-pilot in their own vehicle? Should owners focus on the road and remain vigilant? Are owners able to multitask, such as texting, making phone calls or even drinking while the vehicle is in motion? And will this affect the cost of car insurance?  These are the various questions major car manufacturers are taking into consideration.  The possibilities seem endless with this sort of technology and somewhat debatable.   Eventually, these cars will be available for purchase and will ultimately change the perception of driving.

Voice Recognition

Voice activation is something that is currently under works by most tech companies, such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s HD voice recognition software, and Microsoft’s Kinect device.  These products though fun and innovative are just conveniences of current technology.  Current voice recognition technology is at a fragile state and only really works when speaking directly towards the device, and sometimes can compute errors due to background noise, but nonetheless gets the job done.  Well, let me tell you that you’re in for some big changes in the future of computers.  CPU’s will be navigated by voice recognition along with an integrated personality of choice, very similar to Apple’s Siri, but far more advanced.  Star Trek, iRobot, and Space Odyssey are great examples on where this technology is leading, though hopefully the CPU won’t become self-aware and try to destroy all human life as we know it.  I honestly believe such a concept can be avoided with simple rules hard wired in the central CPU.   Some believe, such as senior vice president of Intel, Mooly Eden, that voice recognition will make current touch screen technology obsolete. Eden pointing out, that talking to a computer is far more efficient and convenient than conventional type commands.  Voice activation is on the brink of evolution, and I predict that by 2020 we will see computers integrated with universal translators as seen in science fiction movies and fully integrated personalities programmable at your desire.

With Technology advancing at an exponential rate what do you think is in store for the future?

One thought on “Technology of Tomorrow

  1. Very kooL! I think smart cars like that could make or break a company due to the amount of money invested in these technologies. I can’t imagine semi-trucks with these systems, and if they were to ever fail!

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