Meet The Guy’s In the Latest GTA V Trailers


Meet Franklin, Trevor, and Michael in the most recent Grand Theft Auto V trailers released by Rockstar. Franklin, the gangster from the hood that’s just trying to make that paper. In Franklin’s trailer, you get helicopter view cop chasing action, along with gun shooting galore and strip club entertainment. As for Trevor, who is the hillbilly from the back woods, that doesn’t take shit from no body, does some crazy daredevil maneuvers; jumping off planes covered in flame and jumping off moving trains are some the things he does in his trailer, be sure to watch it! And don’t forget to watch Michael’s trailer, the miserable mobster who wants some action in his life. His trailer showing heist operation combat, booze drinking, and helicopters rushing through downtown. Makes you want to play as this character first, but will you be able to choose? Or maybe you’ll be able to play as each character as you progress further and further down the story line. Who knows? But I can’t wait to find out. Oh, and be sure to check out the gangs first trailer, I think it’s awesome after watching their own individual trailers, I highly recommend watching this one last!

And finally GTA V trailer #2 to summarize it all up!!

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