Recap South Park: Stick of Truth Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013


Hey Everyone,

Check out the footage of South Park: Stick of Truth Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.  I took the film myself, and tried to capture the best moments of the panel, forgive me for the shaking, this is what usually happens when you don’t have a tripod when filming.  Getting back on subject, I have to say, this was one of the best panel’s that I have ever attended in my visits to SDCC, just because these guys are so funny, with their rate R type humor.  And of course, there were some HUGE announcements, both Matt and Trey confirmed they are currently working on another baseketball movie, this was the biggest announcement made during the panel, the crowd went crazy once they said they were working on another sequel.  Other announcements confirmed by Matt and Trey is that Chef will appear in the “Stick of Truth” game, because of the controversy that was going on between voice actor Issac Hayes (Chef) and  Matt and Trey.  Also confirming that Terrance and Philip will be in the game, honestly I assumed that they were going to be in the game anyways, but both Matt and Trey went into detail on how comedy central hate Terrance and Philip, and if it was up to Matt and Trey, that they would make the entire show about Terrance and Philip, but comedy central would not let them for obvious reasons.  Regardless of the confirmations made by that the makers of South Park, they did not seem to serious about it and kind of joked around, so at times it was questionable whether or not they were just bullshitting everybody during the panel, which honestly is pretty hilarious.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker are funny as hell, and extremely brutal to fan’s questions during the panel as you’ll see in our recap of the South Park: Stick of Truth Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Enjoy!

What did you think about the Panel PLEASE, TELL US by commenting below!

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