Star Trek Into Darkness Review


In the movie Star Trek Into Darkness, director J.J. Abrams boldly goes where no other movie has gone before… well sort of.  Without going too heavily into spoilers, the film does borrow from other Star Trek lore, but does so in an interesting and fresh way.  Just like the first film Star Trek, released in 2009, Into Darkness feels very accessible to casual moviegoers, but still has exactly what hardcore Trekkies and longtime fans of the series want to see. Abrams does a great job of balancing this very well; rewarding fans with what they wish to see yet still allowing newcomers to follow along with the plot without alienating them too much. The film is full of action packed scenes that make it entertaining throughout, including amazing space battles and awesome shoot outs,  never leaving a dull moment.

The pacing of this Sci-fi action flick is terrific, providing a balanced mix of action scenes combined with dialogue heavy scenes that push the plot along nicely. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto reprise their roles as Captain Kirk and his first officer Spock. Once again both actors do a wonderful job of capturing the unusual relationship between Kirk and Spock; Kirk being the risk taker who does whatever it takes to accomplish his goal, while Spock is the calculated one who lets emotions take a back seat for a more logical approach. Both characters methods of operating are challenged in this film, forcing them to take different star-trek-into-darkness-picture-kirk-spockapproaches and function outside of their comfort zones. The entire cast is amazing, portraying all of the lovable characters from the original series, giving viewers a glimpse of a much younger crew and their early struggles aboard the Enterprise. I particularly enjoyed the romantic relationship between Lieutenant Uhura and Spock as it gave a little more depth into each of those characters and their motivations. There are several references in the movie that hardcore fans of the series will recognize that others, who are unfamiliar with the Star Trek universe outside of the 2009 movie, might not. This includes one major plot point that I thought was an amazing moment (You will know what I am referring to if you’ve seen the film). Star Trek Into Darkness is an incredible must see film that has set the bar very high for summer movies and also for a different series of films that are set in space… but that’s a long time from now in a galaxy far far away.

What are your thoughts on the Star Trek Into Darkness?


One thought on “Star Trek Into Darkness Review

  1. When there’s not action going on, the movie is still a lot of fun to watch. That’s just how Abrams rolls, and it totally works for the guy and the movie. Nice review.

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