Bruce Campbell Spotlight at Phoenix Comicon 2014

Bruce Campbell famously known for his roles in Evil Dead & Army of Darkness, hosted a panel at this year’s Phoenix Comicon. The panel was by far one of the funniest panels at this year’s convention. Bruce, put on quite a show, first starting off with having some ‘Evil Dead’ Ash cosplay on center stage.  Bruce, then had the audience choose who had the best Ash costume. As he pointed at each contestants the crowd would either go nuts or remain silent. The winner received 5$ cash from Bruce himself, as for the second place winner got only 2$. Surprised, were the folks on stage that Bruce was giving out cash money, right from his pocket, but funny to the audience nonetheless. After escorting the cosplayers off stage, Bruce then called out to the crowd looking for attendee’s to sit on the panel with him.  Bruce ended up choosing an attendee who work in the Phoenix Public Transportation, in a call center, he also found a nuclear scientist, and lastly called up on stage a stay home husband.  Ironically, the attendee who said he was a nuclear scientist, admitted later that he was not, Bruce surprisingly went along with the act and kept him on stage and continued to interact with the attendee’s. Bruce a very funny guy, as you will see here in this video.


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