Highlights: Xbox Briefing at Gamescom

Every year Xbox has a strong presence at Gamescom, and some may say that this is one of their strongest, since the release of the Xbox One back in 2013.  Though, Sony unfortunately did not have a briefing at this year’s show, but does have a presence on the exhibit floor. Microsoft, going guns blazing for their briefing, with the biggest line up of first party titles, but is it enough to win the console wars?  Maybe, but they still have a way to go. Here is what Xbox showed off during this year’s Gamescom.

Quantum Break

Crackdown Multiplayer


DVR on Xbox One coming 2016

Record TV Shows on the go, no online connection needed.

Xbox One Chat Pad Pre-Order today coming November 2015


All Future games with Gold will have backwards compatibility.

Xbox backwards compatibility will be free forever starting August 5th. Also, Killer Instinct is coming to windows 10 and all DLC is transferable to the pc version

Rash from battletoads is now a free playable character in Killer Instinct starting today and up until to August 9th.

Here are some independently developed games coming to Xbox One first.


Dark Souls III

Homefront: The Revolution

FIFA 2016 play it 1st on Xbox One with EA access


Halo 5 Guardians Multiplay Esports demo

Also, during the briefing Microsoft debut a new 1TB Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One console. Available for pre-order right now for $499.  The Xbox is one of many Halo 5 Bundles and will hit stores a week before Halo 5 comes out, which is October 20, as halo 5 will be release on October 27.


Just Cause 3


Rainbow 6 Siege

Rise of the Tombraider gameplay demo

Halo Wars 2

With one of the strongest years in first party title games, Xbox is definitely going in the right direction for once.  What excited you most during the Xbox Gamescom briefing? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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