Microsoft Gamescom Press Conference: The Highlights

It seems as though the software giant, Microsoft, is making a somewhat of a comeback against Sony with their most recent Gamescom press conference in Cologne, France.   No one will ever forget their push for strict DRMs and a then-mandatory Kinect. Microsoft has recently shifted away from the Kinect, instead focusing on the games as the consumers demanded.  This strategy has worked greatly to their benefit. Here are some of the games shown off at this year’s Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference:
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Bruce Campbell Spotlight at Phoenix Comicon 2014

Bruce Campbell famously known for his roles in Evil Dead & Army of Darkness, hosted a panel at this year’s Phoenix Comicon. The panel was by far one of the funniest panels at this year’s convention. Bruce, put on quite a show, first starting off with having some ‘Evil Dead’ Ash cosplay on center stage.  Bruce, then had the audience choose who had the best Ash … Continue reading Bruce Campbell Spotlight at Phoenix Comicon 2014

Meet The Guy’s In the Latest GTA V Trailers

Meet Franklin, Trevor, and Michael in the most recent Grand Theft Auto V trailers released by Rockstar. Franklin, the gangster from the hood that’s just trying to make that paper. In Franklin’s trailer, you get helicopter view cop chasing action, along with gun shooting galore and strip club entertainment. As for Trevor, who is the hillbilly from the back woods, that doesn’t take shit from … Continue reading Meet The Guy’s In the Latest GTA V Trailers

TeknoSquid’s Top 10 of 2012

Teknosquid top 10 picture2012 was filled with many amazing games, movies, shows, and surprising announcements, though there were many, Teknosquid has compiled a list of what we believe to be the best of 2012. Here is our list starting with:

#10 Windows 8

Microsoft dominating the market with their windows software has decided to change the game with introducing their newest operating system “Windows 8”.  Windows 8 differs on a wide range of aspects in comparison to Windows 7 operating system, due to the fact that Windows 8 installs a new kind of software which enables users to configure a series of tiles on its front desktop.  Far different than previous windows advancements such as upgrading from Windows Vista to 7, which is very similar in appearance and user navigation between the two, but as for Windows 8 this is a completely new approach and appearance in comparison to previous operating systems from Microsoft.  All Microsoft is doing is integrating touch technology into their operating system, because honestly let’s face it guys, everything is going to be touch screen in the future and Microsoft is just preparing for the jump by pushing that sort of technology with their new software.  With the release of Windows 8 there has been a huge increase in products with touch screen technology; Microsoft even came out with their own tablets the Surface RT, and Surface Pro.  Many users of previous Windows OS are not too happy with this major change, but have no fear the desktop tile is here, this tile enables users to have a desktop view very similar to previous OS software, in which users can put icon shortcuts like web url’s or even word documents.   The only main difference is that the start icon is not at the bottom left of the PC no more, but on the right side panel, and is easily accessible.  Like I said previously, this is a huge change for Microsoft and for most PC users, but change is progress so let’s progress and see what the future has in store.     Continue reading “TeknoSquid’s Top 10 of 2012”

Annual 110th Toy Fair 2013


Hey for all you toy collectors, tomorrow is the 110th annual Toy Fair convention.  This year the convention will be held in New York City, with over a thousand vendors, selling all sorts of things such as toys, puzzles, and educational products.  Even Hobby and department stores are listed as vendors on the main website page.  Though, there are many exhibitors displaying new products that will be released later this year.  Here are a few products that Teknosquid and its writers are looking forwards too.

mezco-logo-lowMezco will be releasing some cool new products that are up for pre-order right now.  Breaking Bad is on our top toy list, who doesn’t want a Walter White bobble head dressed in a hazmat suit on their car dashboard!  Also, Mezco is releasing two sets of Breaking Bad plush figures, the first set having Walter and Jesse disguised in their typical clothing, and the other set of Walter and Jesse dressed in their hazmat suits with a clip-on attachment, so that you may hang it up somewhere to show off.  But, the best figure of the pack has to be the 6-inch action figure of Walter White in his alter ego state Heisenberg (bottom right)! He comes inclusive with a removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and even a bag of blue crystals! bb6inbreakingbad WTF Mezco, are you really adding meth as an accessory on to the toy?  Just because of the add on, I can guarantee that this toy will be a great seller, and a must have for Breaking Bad fans.  Other products include the Cheetara from thunder cats, a Wonder Woman plush, and a 9-inch creature of the black lagoon for all you horror collectors. Continue reading “Annual 110th Toy Fair 2013”

Technology of Tomorrow


With the past CES conference in Las Vegas, technology is advancing at an exponential rate.  For those who follow the expo, many vendors showed off their best technology from tablets, computers, to smart phones.  Though, most tech exposed at the convention is to be release later this year, I want to elaborate on two tech advances that will ultimately change human living as we know it.  First off, are Google’s self-driving vehicles, and secondly advance voice recognition.  Could you imagine a world where cars drive themselves, and are virtually error proof?  A world where car accidents are non-existent, and best of all a world where a designated driver is something of the past!  As for voice recognition, this technology will be mandatory in all smart devices, from phones, laptops, tablets even your home will have voice recognition technology.

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