Zombie Walk 5: Surviving and Enduring

Warning Zone Heavily Populated by Undead

This year’s Zombie Walk was breathtaking having great festivities, awesome costumes, good foods, and with the attendance in the thousands, AZ Zombie Walk keeps on getting bigger every year.  This was my first year attending the downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk, and I have to say I had a great time meeting, filming and taking pictures of the Zombiefied public.  I got to Heritage Square around 4:30pm, the Zombie Walk festival started at 2:00pm with the initial walk starting at 6:00pm.  In my observations,  I saw for every 3 people there was at least 1 zombie among them.  It seemed as though everyone was in deep zombie character, this changed the environment drastically, one could imagine that they were in the middle of a zombie outbreak, with surrounding tall buildings shadowing the park, and survivors fending out the hordes of zombies.  If you happened to miss out on Zombie Walk 5, check out the video at the bottom of the page.  I hope you like “Teknosquid’s Zombie Walk 5”, video compilation.  I took the footage myself and tried to capture the best moments of this free awesome event! Continue reading “Zombie Walk 5: Surviving and Enduring”

Phoenix Comicon: A Journey Into Nerd Culture


In attending Phoenix Comicon I was surprised on how many attendee’s there were at the Downtown Phoenix Convention Center. The Numbers were so high on Saturday, that at one point the fire Marshall deemed the convention center was at full capacity. Though regardless of the capacity, every day at day at the convention registration was fast and easy, and I have to say, attendees who were buying their pass at the door, go their pass faster than those who bought their passes online.  Soon after leaving the registration area, I proceeded to the exhibit hall, and it was HUGE! Filled with hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of Items with some sweet deals, ‘though everybody knows that Sunday is always the best time to buy buy buy’, I could not resist!  Also, there were lots of panels, I got to attend a few myself, but the most popular ones were the Babylon 5 reunion, Star Trek Continues and Michael Rooker‘s panel.  Furthermore, the convention was a great successes, this year’s convention had more panels, exhibitors, actors, artists, and attendees then any Phoenix Comic Con to date. Here’s what I saw at this year’s convention ENJOY!!

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Annual 110th Toy Fair 2013


Hey for all you toy collectors, tomorrow is the 110th annual Toy Fair convention.  This year the convention will be held in New York City, with over a thousand vendors, selling all sorts of things such as toys, puzzles, and educational products.  Even Hobby and department stores are listed as vendors on the main website page.  Though, there are many exhibitors displaying new products that will be released later this year.  Here are a few products that Teknosquid and its writers are looking forwards too.

mezco-logo-lowMezco will be releasing some cool new products that are up for pre-order right now.  Breaking Bad is on our top toy list, who doesn’t want a Walter White bobble head dressed in a hazmat suit on their car dashboard!  Also, Mezco is releasing two sets of Breaking Bad plush figures, the first set having Walter and Jesse disguised in their typical clothing, and the other set of Walter and Jesse dressed in their hazmat suits with a clip-on attachment, so that you may hang it up somewhere to show off.  But, the best figure of the pack has to be the 6-inch action figure of Walter White in his alter ego state Heisenberg (bottom right)! He comes inclusive with a removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and even a bag of blue crystals! bb6inbreakingbad WTF Mezco, are you really adding meth as an accessory on to the toy?  Just because of the add on, I can guarantee that this toy will be a great seller, and a must have for Breaking Bad fans.  Other products include the Cheetara from thunder cats, a Wonder Woman plush, and a 9-inch creature of the black lagoon for all you horror collectors. Continue reading “Annual 110th Toy Fair 2013”