Microsoft Gamescom Press Conference: The Highlights

It seems as though the software giant, Microsoft, is making a somewhat of a comeback against Sony with their most recent Gamescom press conference in Cologne, France.   No one will ever forget their push for strict DRMs and a then-mandatory Kinect. Microsoft has recently shifted away from the Kinect, instead focusing on the games as the consumers demanded.  This strategy has worked greatly to their benefit. Here are some of the games shown off at this year’s Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference:
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The Cosplay of Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest comic convention in the country and a big aspect of that is cosplay.  There is nothing more fun than stopping a fellow cosplayer to admire the work and effort they put into their costume.  At the largest comic-con, taking pictures of cosplayers on the exhibit floor is at times difficult and the hardest part is trying to capture a picture without someone accidentally photo-bombing your shot.  Here are some of the costumes that we caught  in and outside the convention for this year’s show:

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